Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Scholastic Book Fair?

Scholastic Book Fairs are engaging literacy events that provide kids the chance to choose what they want to read! With bestselling titles, series, and beloved characters, students of all ages and reading levels can connect with stories that entertain, inspire, and delight. A carefully curated selection of books and items are made available to your school, giving families the opportunity to enhance their home library, while earning Scholastic Dollars for their school.

How does my school benefit from hosting a Scholastic Book Fair?

Every purchase at a Scholastic Book Fair contributes Scholastic Dollars to the hosting school. Whether you are looking to refresh your school library, support the expansion of classroom libraries, furnish maker spaces, or purchase curriculum support, Scholastic Dollars can help to supplement school budgets to benefit all students. Scholastic Dollars can be redeemed on books at your Fair, on valuable school resources from a number of Scholastic catalogues, or on promotional items to help promote your school’s upcoming Book Fair.

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How do Scholastic Book Fairs help readers?

The most recent Kids and Family Reading Report™ (Canadian Edition) revealed that 94% of kids agree their favourite books are the ones they have chosen themselves. What’s more, kids are five times more likely to finish a book that they selected! A Scholastic Book Fair provides a unique experience that empowers children to explore the books that interest them, leading to an increase in reading minutes, and the building of lifelong readers.

What happened to Virtual Book Fairs?

We were so happy to support schools with a Virtual Book Fair option while students transitioned between remote and in-school learning. A return to the classroom means a return to the best day ever, with an in-person Scholastic Book Fair. Our virtual Fair platform will be retired for the 23/24 school year, but access to an amazing online selection of must-have books, and exciting monthly offers can be found at

Who can host a Scholastic Book Fair?

Schools all across Canada can explore the possibility of hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. Our team of Book Fair Consultants are happy to help discover which options best suit the needs of your community. Book Fairs require a dedicated Chairperson, often a librarian, teacher, or parent volunteer, to put these plans in motion. Contact us at 1-866-234-7319 or to create a book fair plan for your school!

What resources are available to help me run a Book Fair?

We are here to support you as you promote and host your Scholastic Book Fair! In addition to our team of dedicated Book Fair Consultants, you will have access to a variety of complimentary online and print materials to help you share the news of your Fair, and ensure participation from families in your school community. From social media images, newsletters, flyers and posters, we have you covered!

Ask our Consultants about our webinars, online special events, and promotional packages to help make your Book Fair an extraordinary literacy event!

How can I schedule a Scholastic Book Fair?

We are ready to help, and can’t wait to hear from you. Speak with your Principal about the best dates for your Scholastic Book Fair, and contact our Book Fair Consultants at 1-866-234-7319 or to schedule your Fair. We look forward to hearing from you!

Do you charge shipping and/or delivery fees for a Book Fair?

Our team is so excited to deliver a Scholastic Book Fair to your school, and our top priority is to ensure safe and timely delivery. In light of rising transportation costs, please note the following to the terms of Shipping & Delivery for all Scholastic Book Fairs effective.

A standard Delivery Fee of $25 will be applied to each scheduled Book Fair. This will be decremented from the earned Scholastic Dollars upon completion of the worksheet.

Please Note: If the Scholastic Dollars balance cannot accommodate the Delivery Fee, an invoice will be generated and supplied via email to the Book Fair Chairperson.

Why are cash rewards options unavailable in Quebec?

In accordance with the Act respecting the development of Québec Firms in the book industry (Law 51), Scholastic Dollars may only be issued in product rewards to schools and residents of the province of Quebec.

Is there a cancellation fee for a Book Fair?

It is critical that all Scholastic Book Fairs be confirmed a minimum of 3 weeks prior to the Fair Set-Up date, as this allows us time for production and delivery final preparations. Please note that a Late Cancellation Fee of $100 will be applied to those Fairs who cancel a confirmed Book Fair within 5 business days of the Set-Up Date. This fee will be decremented from the Scholastic Dollars balance on the account within 48 hours of cancellation.

Please Note: If the Scholastic Dollars balance cannot accommodate the Late cancellation Fee, an invoice will be generated and supplied via email to the Book Fair Chairperson.

Can I purchase a Scholastic gift card and use it at my school’s Book Fair?

All Scholastic eGift Cards are issued by Scholastic Inc. and can only be spent on Scholastic U.S. websites. These gift cards are not valid in Canada and are not accepted as a form of payment at your school’s Book Fair.

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The maple leaf symbol is used for ‘Canadian interest’, which includes: Canadian content, Canadian setting, products created in Canada, products by creators who are citizens or residents of Canada, products that follow Canadian curriculum standards, and products that use Canadian spellings and measurements.

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