Book Fair Chairpeople, We’ve Got Your Back!

Whether you’re a first-time organizer or a seasoned pro, we’ve got everything you need to host a Book Fair to remember. Bring on the Bookjoy!

3, 2, 1…Book Fair!

The countdown is ON to the best day of the year—and everything you need to know to bring the Bookjoy is right here. Your Kick-off Kit arrives a few weeks before the Fair begins, but feel free to get a jump-start on your planning at any time. Get ready to roll!

Set Your Financial Goal

You want the Fair to be as successful as possible. Here’s how to set your school’s goal:

  • Review your sales history to see what profits previous Fairs earned.
  • Check if you have a Scholastic Dollars balance leftover from the last Fair.
  • Browse the Scholastic Dollars Catalogue to decide what purchases you hope to make with your profits.
  • Involve your school community in setting your Book Fair goal so everyone is invested in meeting it!

Organize a Teacher Preview

Invite teachers to preview the Fair before it opens for the kids. This teachers-only event helps them stock their classroom libraries with new books.

  • Hand out printable invitations (found in your Toolkit) to invite the teachers in your school!
  • Encourage them to create a Classroom Wish List so shoppers can donate specific books to classroom libraries.
  • Ask teachers to fill out shelf-talkers with their book recommendations.

Arrange Student Previews

Give kids a chance to browse the Fair and make a wish list before it’s time to shop.

  • Create a classroom schedule where teachers can reserve a time slot for their class.
  • Welcome each class after the Fair is set up and distribute student wish lists on clipboards with pencils.
  • Send wish lists home with kids. Printable wish lists and invites are found in your Toolkit.

Hype the Books

Make sure everyone knows what’s waiting at the Fair: kids’ favourite characters, bestsellers, new releases, and books they won’t find anywhere else.

  • Send the flyers home with kids once your Kick-off Kit arrives.
  • Broadcast book trailers to give students a sneak peek of the books at the Fair.
  • Ask teachers and staff to Booktalk during student previews.
Meet the Books

Your Book Fair Checklist

Prepare for the Fair

  • Recruit volunteers to help before, during, and after the Fair. Don’t forget to invite older students to be part of the team, too!
  • Create decorations and plan for contests and games 
  • Advertise your Fair dates
  • Discuss duties and availabilities with your volunteers! Print out a handy schedule sheet in your Toolkit

Get Everybody Hyped about the Fair!

  • Send the highlights flyer and a parent letter home for families
  • Ramp up anticipation and excitement with save the date posts
  • Send home a letter from your principal to tell families about the Book Fair
  • Invite teachers to browse after the Fair is set up. This kids-free sneak peek gives them a chance to choose the books they want to add to their classroom libraries
  • Give shoppers a sneak peek at the stars of the show—the books!—by including links to the book trailers found in your Toolkit

T.G.I. Book Fair Week

  • You’re ready to roll! Organize cases so they’re easy to navigate and fun to shop
  • Make a big impact at your school’s Fair by downloading printable extras in your Toolkit
  • Remind teachers about their scheduled classroom visit
  • Post Fair info on your school’s website and social media accounts
  • Promote the Fair on your school’s marquee
  • Boost sales at your Fair when you host a family event during Fair week

Celebrate Your Success!

  • Shop the Fair with your earned Scholastic Dollars before you pack up
  • Place Student Reorders and submit your Rewards Worksheet online
  • Claim your rewards and start spending. You’ve gone above and beyond! Let us reward your hard work
  • Thank the school community and your volunteers for an amazing Book Fair. And give yourself a big round of applause (you deserve it).
  • Take the feedback survey online. What worked well for your Fair? How can we make your experience better next time around?

Explore the Chairperson’s Toolkit

The Toolkit is your one-stop shop for Fairs info. Download extra printables, watch explainer videos, and check out handy how-to guides.

Fair Planning & Setup

Don’t skip these resources to simplify Fair planning and setup.

  • Find digital versions of your Kick-off Kit materials
  • Choose a theme to deck out your Fair with decorations
  • Download even more printable resources and reproducibles to use before and during your Fair

Promoting the Fair

Spread the word: Book Fair fun’s about to drop!

  • Promote your Fair by sharing Book Trailers with your school community
  • Download social media templates, PA announcements, and more
  • Prepare for Teacher Previews and Family Events with downloadable resources

Making Every Dollar Count

Boost your balance and make those Scholastic Dollars go far.

  • Explore our Promotional Packages flyer and promote your Fair using your Scholastic Dollars
  • Shop Scholastic catalogues for redemption opportunities
  • Get extra resources and printables all about earning and redeeming your Scholastic Dollars