Webinars & Special Events

Host the Best Fair Ever!

A successful Book Fair is easy to accomplish—you just need the know-how! Register for a webinar specially designed for Book Fair Chairpeople and volunteers to build or brush up on skills to make this your best Fair ever.

Workshop Webinar

Build your confidence and connect with newer Chairpeople as you plan for your Book Fair!

Run Time: 40 minutes

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Masterclass Webinar

Enhance and elevate your plans for a Book Fair during this webinar designed for experienced Chairpeople and volunteers!

Run Time: 40 minutes

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Scholastic Dollars Special Event*

Join our Specialist to maximize your Scholastic Dollars earning and spending plans, benefitting all students at your school!

Run Time: 30 minutes

*The Scholastic Dollars Special Event is not an instructional webinar. Certificates will NOT be issued.
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*Participants may be eligible for a $25 gift certificate if they attend a Webinar at least 10 days before their Book Fair start date. Full session attendance is required. One certificate per person, per Fair. Must be used by the registered attendee at their upcoming Book Fair and the printed certificate must be remitted upon use. Registration is limited to three (3) attendees per school. Maximum three (3) certificates will be issued per school, per Fair. Not valid for BOGO Fairs. SPECIAL EVENTS are not instructional Webinars so certificates will not be issued. Certificates issued during the 2023-2024 school year expire June 2024.