International Rights

We Belong Here

By: Frieda Wishinsky
Illustrated by: Ruth Ohi
  • ISBN 9781443194037, Hardback
  • 32 Pages | Ages 3 - 8

A touching story of how children working together can take actions that make a true difference.

Eve’s Jewish family owns the local grocery store. Though Eve was born in Canada, she is taunted at school for being a “Greenie,” a newcomer and outsider. When Eve notices the same children bullying Mark Nakamura for his Japanese culture, she jumps in to defend him. A friendship is born, one filled with fantastic stories and laughs shared at the top of the highest rock in the park. And when Mark’s father loses his job, it’s Eve who comes up with the brilliant plan that will stop Mark from having to move away and make yet another new start.

Set just after the end of World War II, this story of friendship between a Japanese boy and a Jewish girl highlights perennial themes: the power of friendship, family and community and the strength of solidarity in the face of adversity.

Rights Sold

French (N. Amer.) – Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

  • An uplifting story of friendship, family and community.
  • Themes of allyship, ingenuity and loyalty.
  • This historical story allows us to reckon with darker aspects of the past while offering a hopeful note to help combat hate and discrimination in the present.
  • Non-fiction content provides context and traces the family stories of both author and illustrator.


  • Short-listed, IODE Jean Throop Award, 2024