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Fox and Squirrel Help Out

By: Ruth Ohi
  • ISBN 9781443163200, Hardcover
  • 32 Pages | Ages 2 to 7

Fox and Squirrel both have something to offer when they need to care for a little one.

When a baby bat drops in from out of the sky, Fox is immediately taken with the soft, sweet creature and rushes to take care of it. Squirrel is less sure this is a welcome intrusion. The new squeaky stranger can't keep up with all their favourite activities and doesn't seem to realize how fun Squirrel can be. Can Fox and Squirrel come together to figure out what Squeak needs?

In this new installment in the Fox and Squirrel series, award-winning author Ruth Ohi delivers a heartwarming tale, with an affirming message for anyone who has felt frustrated accommodating someone with different needs. And a lovely reminder about the good feeling that comes with helping out.

Rights Sold

Dutch – Memphis Belle, French (N. Amer.) – Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

• Themes of friendship, empathy and acceptance are timely
• Kids love the continuing adventures of these irresistible characters, Squirrel and Fox.
• Ohi is one of Canada’s premier illustrators and writers for kids.
• The series has momentum – now at four titles!


  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2019
  • Commended, Resource Links, Best of the Year, 2018
  • Commended, Toronto Public Library First & Best Booklist, 2018