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The Other Side of Perfect

  • ISBN 9781339002859, Hardback
  • 256 Pages | Ages 8 - 12

First published as Autumn Bird and the Runaway. Two kids from two different worlds form an unexpected friendship in this lens into the interworking of empathy.

Cody’s home life is a messy, too-often terrifying story of neglect and abuse. Cody himself is a smart kid, a survivor with a great sense of humor that helps him see past his circumstances and begin to try to get himself out. Autumn lives comfortably with her indigenous family, but she has found herself in with the popular crowd even though it’s hard for her to want to keep up.

But one night, while returning home from a movie, Autumn comes across Cody, face down in the laneway behind her house. All Cody knows is that he can’t take another encounter with his father like the one he just narrowly escaped. He can’t go home. But he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. When Autumn agrees to let him hide out in her dad’s art studio, Cody’s story begins to come out, and so does hers.

Told in alternating narratives, The Other Side of Perfect is infused with themes of identity, belonging, and compassion, reminding us that we are all more than our circumstances, and we are all more connected than we think.


“An evocative narrative about identity, community, and the power of nurturing relationships.” — Kirkus Starred Review

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Selling Points

  • Two talented authors offer a compelling, thoughtful read.
  • A contemporary, urban story that challenges stereotypes.
  • Themes of identity, belonging and compassion.
  • First published as Autumn Bird and the Runaway.