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The Almost Epic Squad: Irresistible

By: Richard Scrimger
Illustrated by: Britt Wilson
  • ISBN 9781443157889, Hardcover
  • 160 Pages | Ages 8 to 12

Meet the next member of the Almost Epic Squad!

If you could have any superpower, what would you choose?

What about becoming mesmerizingly persuasive in the blink of an eye?

But what if you're the only one unaware of your charms?

Archie O'Kaye mostly rubs people the wrong way. And he doesn't really care. But when he becomes utterly charming right before everyone's eyes at his thirteenth birthday party, his family and friends (there are only two, well one, really . . .) begin to suspect that something is up.

Meanwhile, it turns out there are forces both good and evil who have had their eyes on Archie and three other "special" kids since their exposure at birth to a mysterious element called reidium. When the evil Boss and her number two, Clementine Clutterbucket, get wind of Archie's charm, they quickly set to scheming about how to use it in their bid for world domination.

Readers will be riveted to this high-adventure, howlingly funny story that never misses a beat. This is the fourth release in a four-book series that can be read in any order. The other books are written by Lesley Livingston (Super Sketchy), Ted Staunton (What Blows Up), and Kevin Sylvester (Mucus Mayhem).

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Selling Points

• Fast-paced and engaging for all reading levels, including striving readers.
• Hilarious dialogue, fueled by characters with heart!
• Laugh-out-loud funny and high adventure