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Still My Tessa

By: Sylv Chiang
Illustrated by: Mathias Ball
  • ISBN 9781443196239, Hardback
  • 32 Pages | Ages 3 - 8

Can Evelyn find new ways to connect with her older sibling?

Evelyn is worried about Tessa. Tessa doesn’t want to play the same games they used to play, but Evelyn is determined to find new ways to connect with her older sibling. And she is also learning to see Tessa as a nonbinary person with they/them pronouns. In fact, Evelyn learns very quickly that it isn’t hard, then shows Mom and Dad, and those around them, how it’s done — with love. To Evelyn’s delight, Tessa is smiling again!

A non-fiction page at the back of the story gives children, and those who read with them, background information on gender and the ways to be a kind and effective ally.



Still My Tessa is a book about practicing with pronouns and accepting people for who they are.” — CBC Books

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Selling Points

  • A touching sibling story.
  • Provides affirmation that gender identity matters.
  • Models allyship: non-fiction back matter defines terms and includes tips for allyship.
  • Artwork is warm and full of love.


  • Winner, CBC Kids Reads, 2024