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So Long, Stress

By: Helaine Becker
Illustrated by: Joanna Sevilla
  • ISBN 9781443187701, Paperback
  • 152 Pages | Ages 9 - 13

A full-colour, kid-friendly guide to understanding stress and anxiety and managing them in healthy and productive ways.

Kids and parents know that taking care of our mental health and managing stress and anxiety are critical skills for people of all ages and from all walks of life.

Filled with practical advice and strategies, So Long, Stress! helps readers understand what stress is and gives them the tools they need to face situations that cause anxiety — all in an approachable and down-to-earth tone.

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Selling Points

  • A book to help kids understand and cope with stress or better yet — avoid stress all together!
  • From the author of several bestselling books about stress for kids.
  • An easily digestible guide in a kid-friendly format.
  • Reviewed by a child psychologist.
  • Includes a resource list and index.