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Don’t Stress: How to Handle Life’s Little Problems

  • ISBN 9781443148429, Paperback
  • 96 Pages | Ages 8 to 12

Stay in the Moment. Breathe. Don’t Stress.

 Being a kid can be stressful. With so little control over schedules and surroundings, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and out of control. With this in mind, award-winning author Helaine Becker has created a wonderful playbook for dealing with stress—in a stress-fee format!

Readers can flip to any page in the book, and read about common, everyday scenarios that cause stress, then get advice on techniques to help them manage emotions, and make calmer choices.

With an accessible, and light-hearted tone, this book will help kids learn how to create a happier and more relaxed approach to school, friendships, parents, homework and more!

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  • English (Asia)
  • English (India)
  • English (US clubs)
  • French (N. Amer.)
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Turkish

Selling Points

• A light-hearted approach to dealing with stress.
• From an award-winning author with a strong track record of interesting, relatable non-fiction.
• Children deal with higher levels of stress today than ever before — this book is a tool to help.