International Rights

Out of the Cold

  • ISBN 9780545997287, Paperback
  • 240 Pages | Ages 13 to 17
Nick has disappeared without a word, and Robyn doesn't know what to make of it. Could this be the end of their relationship? To keep her mind off her romantic woes, she decides to volunteer at a drop-in centre for the homeless. On her first day there, she meets one of the other volunteers, a boy named Ben, who seems hostile towards her. When one of the centre's clients, Mr. Duffy, injures Robyn, he's banished from the shelter for a week. On the coldest night of the year, he is found dead. Ben blames Robyn for getting him banned from the shelter. Determined to have Mr. Duffy properly remembered, Ben tries to find out more about him. To make amends, Robyn agrees to help out. But what seems like another tragically sad death due to exposure might be something much more sinister. As Robyn and her friends find out more about Mr. Duffy, they realize that he was a man with a past, and the chance that his death was an accident is very slim.

Rights Sold

English (US) – Lerner, French – Éditions Hurtubise


  • Winner, OLA Red Maple Award, Fiction, 2009
  • Short-listed, Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award, 2009