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In Too Deep

  • ISBN 9780545985703, Paperback
  • 224 Pages | Ages 12 to
The sleepy town Robyn moves to for the summer appears safe enough--it's definitely a far cry from her crime-filled hometown. But Robyn notices the townspeople's anxiety about a home for at-risk youth. Run by Jerry Wilson, it's a spot for teenage boys who come from troubled families; if they have them at all. Robyn's convinced Jerry's boys are polite and helpful--until her ex-boyfriend Nick shows up one night, using his at-risk youth status to stay and work at Jerry's place. But why? As it turns out, Nick's best friend Seth lost his little brother who was in Jerry's care. Seth knows his brother, and knows he wouldn't commit suicide. With Seth's health failing, it's up to Nick to find out the truth--but not without Robyn's help.

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English (US) – Lerner, French – Éditions Hurtubise