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With Magazines+, there’s no need to spend hours creating lessons. Our authentic texts come with videos, interactive assessments and extension activities in flexible, ready-to-teach packages that support your curriculum and are easy to use during any part of the school day.

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Digital Editions

Launch lessons with digital versions of every article for interactive whiteboards, computers, tablets and even smartphones.

Differentiation Tools

Personalize instruction with multiple reading levels, Text-to-Speech audio, ELL support and so much more. Features vary by title.

Searchable Archive

Teach what you want, when you want with access to hundreds of resources on popular topics.

Print Magazines

Captivate students with personal copies of every magazine issue, packed with authentic texts that build knowledge, skills and engagement all school year.


Instantly capture students’ attention with original, ad-free videos that build essential background knowledge. Includes closed-captioning.

Interactive Activities

Strengthen skills with interactive activities, assessments and slide decks featuring integration with Google Classroom and other Learning Management Systems.

Accelerated Learning Support

Help your students achieve grade-level mastery with resources that bridge the gap of unfinished learning.

  • Motivate students to tackle grade-level content with short texts that speak to their interests and experiences
  • Provide just-right scaffolding with multiple reading levels, audio support and more
  • Ramp up background knowledge with content on the most important topics for your grades
  • Prioritize Social-Emotional Learning with current, culturally relevant texts on student well-being

Teaching Support

Every issue comes with an extensive collection of teaching resources that help you use the texts effectively in your classroom.

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