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Trapped in Hitler’s Web

  • ISBN 9781338672589, Hardcover
  • 240 Pages | Ages 8 to 12
Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch (author of Making Bombs for Hitler and Stolen Girl) delivers a gripping story about the bonds of friendship forged in the perils of war.

In the grip of World War II, Maria has realized that her Nazi-occupied Ukrainian town is no longer safe. Though she and her family might survive, her friend Nathan, who is Jewish, is in grave danger. So Maria and Nathan flee -- into the heart of Hitler's Reich in Austria.There, they hope to hide in plain sight by blending in with other foreign workers. But their plans are disrupted when they are separated, sent to work in different towns.With no way to communicate with Nathan, how can Maria keep him safe? And will they be able to escape Hitler's web of destruction?

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English (US) – Scholastic Inc.

Selling Points

• Skrypuch’s nuanced and emotional books are consistent bestsellers with frequent nominations and wins for children’s choice awards.
• Based on a true story that illuminates one of the less explored aspects of WWII.
• Novels with WWII and Holocaust themes have strong appeal to young readers and cross-over to adult readers.


  • Short-listed, Northern Lights, Manitoba Young Readers' Choice Award, 2022
  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2021