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The Puppy Collection #4: Bijou Needs a Home

By: Susan Hughes
Illustrated by: Leanne Franson
  • ISBN 9781443133586, Paperback
  • 96 Pages | Ages 6 to 9
Meet all kinds of puppies in this sweet illustrated series perfect for newly independent readers!

When someone leaves a box of three Bichon Frise puppies outside Tails Up, Aunt Jenn asks Kat, Maya, and Grace to look after them and find them new homes. Best of all, they get to choose names for the pups! They pick three French names: Aimée, Chantal, and Bijou.

Calls begin to come in from people interested in adopting Bichon Frise puppies, and the girls meet some of the prospective owners after school. Aimée and Chantal are soon placed in loving homes. But what about shy little Bijou? Will they be able to find a home for him?

Rights Sold

Czech – Albatros, English (UK) – Scholastic UK, English (US book clubs) – Scholastic Inc., French (N. Amer.) – Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

• Adorable puppies on every cover.
• Character education will appeal to teachers and parents
• Fun puppy stories, complete with black & white interior illustrations of more cute puppies!
• Collectible series books are in high demand with girls of this age group.


  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2015