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The Lunch Club #7: Night of the Living Rocks

  • ISBN 9781039705999, Paperback
  • 136 Pages | Ages 7 - 10

The Lunch Club is back!

Tia, Leo and Mr. Peabody face off against Madame Celeste and her minions in her secret underground lair, where she’s been plotting — naturally — to take over the world.

The Lunch Club heroes have a perfect plan: wait until midnight, then sneak in and rescue Mr. Fish, the guardian of the Pisces constellation. What they don’t account for? Madame Celeste has a legion of living rock minions, who capture Mr. Peabody. The list of who Tia and Leo need to save keeps getting longer . . . until it includes them too!

Things take an even more desperate turn when Madame Celeste, in a misguided plan to win friends and influence people, attempts to control the guardian of the thirteenth sign of the zodiac. This thirteenth sign is so powerful (and evil) that it has been kept secret throughout history.

Can the Lunch Club stop these evil doings and restore order? Find out in the seventh installment of this funny graphic novel series!

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French (N. Amer.)

Selling Points

  • Fast-paced with zany cartoon illustrations.
  • Easy-to-read action makes this a great introduction to the graphic novel format.