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Scholastic Canada Biography: Meet J. Armand Bombardier

By: Elizabeth MacLeod
Illustrated by: Mike Deas
  • ISBN 9781443191333, Paperback
  • 32 Pages | Ages 6 - 10

Meet J. Armand Bombardier, innovator and businessman, who changed the way people live, work and play.

Born in 1907, J. Armand grew up in Valcourt, a small village in Quebec. Like many places, his rural home town was often cut off from the world after winter snows made the roads impassable. As a teen, Armand made his first attempt at a vehicle that could get through snow. It didn’t work very well, but Armand didn’t give up. When he was older, his dream of making a snow machine became a serious ambition after a family tragedy. He persisted after many failures — until he did it! His B7 snowmobile kept people and goods moving no matter the weather. It saved lives.

But Armand didn’t stop there . . . he was only getting started!

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  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2023