International Rights

Out of the Blue

  • ISBN 9781443148726, Hardcover
  • 32 Pages | Ages 3 to 7

Sometimes you find friendship where you least expect it!

 Ernest is flying his kite when it gets stuck in a tree. At the same moment, there's a flash in the sky, followed by a loud crash! He sets out on a difficult journey up a mountain to find out what happened.

When he discovers a strange being has landed at the top, Ernest hides in fear. But he soon realizes that this creature needs his help.

 As they find ways to understand each other, it becomes clear that solving their problems together means they are no longer strangers – they are friends!

 Told in spare text and perfectly paced art in panels and full pages, this visually rich story brings through themes that are both timely and timeless — to challenge first impressions, to find strength in differences, and to understand important needs we all share.

Rights Sold

French (N. Amer) – Éditions Scholastic

Turkish – Arkadas

Selling Points

• Dramatic, engaging story about diversity and tolerance.
• Award-winning author/illustrator
• For countries welcoming new immigrants, a portrayal of how complementary and beneficial our differences can be.
• Edwards’s artistic approach is a great impetus for creativity and expression, as well as for discussion.