International Rights

Notes from the Life of a Total Genius

  • ISBN 9781443148238, Hardcover
  • 248 Pages | Ages 9 to 12

A new year, a new controversy, and another way to make Kennedy mad . . .

Arthur Bean is back! With Robbie in another city (thank goodness for texting) and Kennedy as his co-editor of the school newspaper, Arthur’s final year at Terry Fox Jr. High is off to a rocky start. A chance to produce his own play gives him visions of fame and (finally!) the respect he is sure he deserves, but that’s all dashed when the new principal challenges the content of Arthur’s play.

Never one to take no for an answer, Arthur uses his wit (and his own column in the school paper) to skewer censorship . . . He so irks the principal that now the grad prom is in danger of being cancelled —much to Kennedy’s dismay. In typical fashion, Arthur won’t back down, even when Kennedy pleads with him.

Torn between the wishes of his fellow students and his own best chance for fame, what will Arthur decide?

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Selling Points

• Fresh, distinctive voice that is imbued with humour.
• Offbeat approach with Arthur’s trials and tribulations coming through his journals, emails, homework assignments, doodles, scripts, etc.
• Arthur’s intrinsic style and humour play out with the same fervour as in the previous books.
• Final book in best-selling trilogy


  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Starred Selection, 2017