International Rights

Jillian Jiggs

  • ISBN 9780439961851, Paperback
  • 40 Pages | Ages 3 to 8
No one can keep up with Jillian Jiggs. With boundless energy and imagination, Jillian rushes from game to game. One minute she's a robot, the next minute she's a tree. How can she take time to clean up her room when there are so many wonderful things to make and do? No one knows what Jillian will think of next- especially not her mother!

Rights Sold

English (Korea) – Woongjin, French (N. Amer.) – Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

• Jillian Jiggs is one of Canada’s best-loved children’s book characters, with more than one million books sold.


  • Commended, Today’s Parent, 100 BEST Canadian kids’ books of all time, 2015