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Is There a Boy Like Me?

  • ISBN 9781443198424, Paperback
  • 224 Pages | Ages 10-14

Will London “man up” or can he find the courage to stay true to himself and be who he really is?

London feels stuck. His school friends think he’s a confident kid who likes video games and is a tough competitor. His high-achieving parents think he’s a genius coder and are pushing him to pursue that as a career. But none of this is true.

London feels anxiety in crowds, and what he really wants is to be by himself and read books. He dreams of being a best-selling author like his idols, but no one knows that except for Naya, his best friend and next-door neighbour who all the kids at school think is London’s girlfriend. A frustrated London starts an anonymous online comic called “Is There a Boy Like Me?,” to express his feelings and explore what his life would be like if he could just be who he wanted to be. When the comic goes viral, it starts a global conversation about what being a boy really means, with London directly in the middle of it all!

Is There a Boy Like Me? explores themes of societal norms, family and relationships, identity and self-worth, and the lens of toxic masculinity — the limitations and pressures placed on boys that code them to bury emotions, “man up” and never be “feminine” or weak.

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Selling Points

  • An engaging read by a fresh new voice that explores identity and self-worth.
  • A much-needed story addressing toxic masculinity for middle grade readers.
  • While many books focus on strong female protagonists, far fewer give boys role models that identify and push back against toxic masculinity.