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I Am Cherished

By: Onome Ako
Illustrated by: Ken Daley
  • ISBN 9781443194495, Hardback
  • 32 Pages | Ages 3 - 8

Every name tells a story!

It’s Kikelomo’s first day of school and she is excited . . . and a little nervous too. But when it’s time to share names in circle, Kikelomo is taken aback by the other children’s cruelty about hers. That night, her mother and father remind her how carefully they chose her name and what it means. Kikelomo remembers that her name means “a child who is cherished” in Yoruba, the language of her mother’s family. And soon she glows, knowing who she is and that she feels cherished inside her loving family.

When Kikelomo returns to school the next day, she can’t wait to share that her name is important because it reminds her of who she is, and that everyone can pronounce it if they try. With this simple act, her classmates — and teacher! — are all inspired to learn and share the stories of their names too.

Joyful, powerful and infused with love, this affirming story will resonate with every child who needs to stand up for their big, beautiful name, and encourage kids and grownups from all backgrounds to think about their own unique connections to their names.

Rights Sold

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Selling Points

  • Debut author who is very connected to her Nigerian community.
  • A beautiful story that speaks directly to kids with big names, but will also connect with all children.
  • Beautiful pairing of illustrator to story — Ken Daley’s palette and style infuse even more love, joy and cultural connection.