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How Much Does Your Head Weigh?

By: Marg Meikle
Illustrated by: Tina Holdcroft
  • ISBN 9781443182454, Paperback
  • 432 Pages | Ages 9 to 12

An updated reissue of the bestselling title, with over 300 amazing facts!

This funny, informative bind-up of three successful books, ALL of them Silver Birch Award winners or finalists — You Asked for It!, Funny You Should Ask and Ask Me Anything! — is now reissued with updated stats and information and a bright new cover.

Why is 13 unlucky? Why don’t tattoos come off? Do twins have the same DNA? Why is it called a funny bone? What did we use before toilet paper? Do animals dream? Why can’t you tickle yourself?

Almost 300 wacky but informative snippets that kids are dying to know about, illustrated with 142 equally wacky illustrations by Tina Holdcroft. Much of the content in this book came from actual questions from kids.

Rights Sold

English (India) – Scholastic India, English (US clubs) – Scholastic Inc., Chinese Simplified – Shanghai Joint Publishing Co.

Selling Points

• The success of the three original books make this bindup a must-have for kids who want to “know it all.”
• Kids LOVE these books. An excellent choice for reluctant boy readers.
• An omnibus of over 300 facts with a hot new cover, a catchy new title and index.
• Crossover title that adults will love reading too.