International Rights

From Anna – 50th anniversary edition

By: Jean Little
Foreword by: Katherine Paterson
Illustrated by: Joan Sandin
  • ISBN 9781443197052, Paperback
  • 224 Pages | Ages 8 - 12

A heartwarming story of an underdog who prevails. It is impossible not to cheer for prickly, determined, wonderful Anna!

Nine-year-old Anna has always been the clumsy one in the family. Somehow she can never do anything right. She bumps into tables, and she can’t read the blackboard at her school. Her perfect brothers and sisters call her “Awkward Anna.” When Papa announces that the family is moving from Germany to Canada — from the disappearances of some Jewish neighbours he can see what the Nazis’ rise to power will bring — Anna’s heart sinks. How can she learn English when she can’t even read German properly?

But when the Soldens arrive in Canada, Anna learns that there is a reason for her clumsiness. And suddenly, wonderfully, her whole world begins to change. Especially when her new friends at a special school help her stand up to the bullies who call her names.

Rights Sold

  • Chinese Simplified – Beijing Publishing Group
  • Portuguese – Melhoramentos
  • Russian – Labirint
  • Vietnamese – NhaNam

Selling Points

  • Beautiful 50th anniversary edition with a bright illustrated cover and the classic original interior illustrations.
  • Includes an Introduction by Katherine Paterson and an Afterword by Jean Little.
  • One of Jean Little’s most enduring and popular books.
  • Jean writes “underdog” stories better, and more believably, than anyone.
  • Any child who has ever felt left out will find a kindred spirit in Anna.


  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, 2023