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Dragon Assassin Royal Blood

  • ISBN 9781443189897, Paperback
  • Pages | Ages 10 to 14

The thrilling sequel to award-winning author Arthur Slade’s fantasy adventure!

Carmen has defeated her twin brother, Corwin, thanks to the pact she made with Brax the dragon. Now it’s time for her to fulfill her end of the bargain.

Brax takes Carmen to Drachia, the land of beasts, where Carmen soon learns that Brax had been banished from his father’s kingdom for accidentally killing his sister, Brenna.

But soon after their arrival in the dragon capital, the two of them are quickly embroiled in plots and schemes to take the crown away from Brax’s father, King Xerx.

When Carmen becomes separated from Brax, she finds herself alone as an outsider in a strange land where she is seen as either a slave or food. She must use her assassin training, and the magical bond she shares with Brax, to survive and set out to save him.

Arthur Slade delivers with another exciting, fast-paced read full of action, magic and a healthy dash of humour.

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Selling Points

• Arthur Slade is a bestselling and multi-award-winning author.
• An exciting, fast-paced read full of action, magic and a dash of humour.
• A thrilling fantasy with a dragon character like no other.
• Dragons are always popular.


  • Commended, Best Books for Kids and Teens, Canadian Children's Book Centre, Starred Selection, 2021

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