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Do Beavers Eat Poutine?: Cool Canadian Quizzes

By: H Becker
  • ISBN 9781443157629, Paperback
  • 96 Pages | Ages 8 to 13

How well do you know Canada?

Are you an expert on all things Canuck, or do you need to brush up on your basics?

Test your knowledge and find out:

  • In what province will you find the largest snake dens in the World?
  • Where in Canada will you find a UFO landing pad?
  • How many official languages are spoken in Canada — by Canada Geese?

In this 100-percent-True-North-strong-and-free quiz-opedia, you’ll find out how you rate when it comes to Canadian trivia. You’ll also find dozens of facts, jokes and puzzles that celebrate the splendour of our nation — in totally cool Canadian style, of course.

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