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Bear for Breakfast

By: Robert Munsch
Illustrated by: Jay Odjick
  • ISBN 9781443170550, Paperback
  • 32 Pages | Ages 3 to 8

Donovan is hungry for a special kind of breakfast . . . BEAR!

It's breakfast time and Donovan knows exactly what he wants this morning! Not eggs, not pancakes, not cereal. No, what he wants is BEAR, just like his grandfather used to eat for breakfast!

So Donovan sets off to bag a bear of his own, going on an adventurous hunt through the woods, where he stalks and is stalked by an ant, a squirrel, and a dog — but they are not bears, so he shoos them away!

When Donovan finally meets a real, big and growling bear, he quickly learns that sometimes breakfast tastes best when it doesn't have any teeth!

This story was inspiredby Donovan, a first-grader in in La Loche, Saskatchewan, a Chippewancommunity in northern Saskatchewan that Robert Munsch visited in January, 1990. When Robert asked what the kids liked to eat, Donovan said that he liked to eat BEAR!

Rights Sold

French (N. Amer) – Éditions Scholastic

Selling Points

• Munsch and Odjick team up once again to make a hilarious story about a hungry and determined Indigenous kid!
• Odjick is well connected in the Indigenous media. He created the Algonquin Word of the Day series and participated in Scholastic Education’s Take Action for Reconciliation series.
• Munsch’s popularity and reach continue to grow internationally.


  • Long-listed, First Nation Communities READ Award, 2020
  • Commended, Toronto Public Library First & Best Booklist, 2019

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