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A Bucket of Stars

  • ISBN 9781443192798, Paperback
  • 240 Pages | Ages 9 - 12

Two kids trying to save the world they know and heal the families they have.

It’s the summer of 2003 and budding astronomer Noah Cooper has just moved to Queensport, a small town with a sky full of stars. There he meets Tara Dhillon, a lonely but creative girl and aspiring filmmaker with a scene-stealing bulldog. As the two team up to produce a movie for a film contest, they uncover a secret plan to turn their small town into a huge subdivision.

Noah and Tara know that unless they can identify the culprits who want to pave over the historic county, the beauty of the stars might be lost forever in the glow of streetlights. As if that’s not enough, Noah also needs to find a way to buy a new telescope for his unemployed father — an ex-astronomer who’s almost given up on the stars, as well as life on earth.

Readers will cheer for Noah, a boy whose head is in the stars, and Tara, a girl obsessed with digital images, as they fight to preserve nature and small-town life against development in this high-stakes novel.

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Selling Points

  • Exceptional writing.
  • A story about creating new relationships and repairing old ones.
  • Themes of activism, environmental anxiety and mental health.


  • Short-listed, Diamond Willow Award (Saskatchewan Young Readers' Choice), 2024
  • Short-listed, IODE Canada Violet Downey Award, 2024
  • Short-listed, OLA Red Maple Award, Fiction, 2024