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Sidney Crosby (Amazing Hockey Stories)

By: Lorna Schultz Nicholson
Illustrated by: D A Bishop
  • ISBN 9781039701502, Paperback
  • 64 Pages | Ages 7 - 12

Winner of three Stanley Cups and two Olympic gold medals, and scorer of one of the most famous goals in hockey history, Sidney Crosby is a superstar. But he’s more than just an amazing talent. Sidney has dealt with serious injuries with the same care and diligence he puts into every aspect of his game. He’s widely respected as a captain; his leadership extends to supporting his community, be it in Pittsburgh or his beloved hometown of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Sidney Crosby is a legend — and still one of the best in the game!

Amazing Hockey Stories: Sidney Crosby includes comic sequences highlighting key moments in his life on and off the ice, and lots of action photos.

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Selling Points

  • Sidney Crosby has had a legendary career – and he’s still one of the best, most respected players in the world.
  • Sixteen pages of full-colour comic hockey action combines with accessible text (with an insider’s perspective) AND colour photos!