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Embrace the Power of STEAM With the Help of Klutz Craft Kits

Crafting is an excellent way for your child to play while they learn about science, technology, engineering, art, and math!

The acronym STEAM—which stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math—comes up often in conversations about kids and learning. 

And for good reason: In the long-term, having a comfortable grasp of these skills will prepare your child to succeed in school, thrive in STEAM-related careers, and grasp skills that’ll come in handy in everyday life.

It’s understandable if the notion of teaching your child science, technology, engineering, and math may seem daunting. And repetitive drills may help your child memorize certain facts, but they aren’t a path to developing the kinds of creativity and problem-solving skills that are so essential in life, school, and the workplace.

That’s where STEAM’s “A”—for art—comes in handy. Doing art and creative activities is not only fun for kids, but helps build out-of-the-box thinking.

Through craft projects, such as making clay creations that glow thanks to electricity and using snap-together pieces to develop rainbow catchers, kids can learn while they play. Crafting is an excellent way for kids to keep discovering and refining STEAM skills with joy!

Shop Klutz STEAM-focused kits below! You can find more Klutz craft kits at Scholastic Book Clubs.

Klutz® LEGO® Minifigure Photography

All kids need is a mobile device with a camera and their favourite LEGO® Minifigures to create photographic works of art. Comes with a full-colour 64-page guide that’s filled with valuable tricks of perspective, scale, angles, and lighting. Follow the instructions, gather inspiration, and use the fun prompts to make the LEGO® Minifigure world come to life!

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Klutz® Pokémon™ Stained Glass Art

Special vellum paper lets you colour in 18 pieces of Pokémon art that look like stained glass. Use the included double-tipped markers in 10 custom colours. Then hang your artwork in a window and watch it light up! Each design is double trouble. Colour the stained glass vellum pages for your windows, and the paper pages for your walls. Artwork features Pikachu, Eevee, Charizard, and many more. Plus, learn fun facts about some of your favourite Pokémon!

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Klutz® The Ultimate Clay Bead Kit

Using nine different colours of polymer clay, learn techniques for making more than 15 different types of beads, such as letter beads, canes, millefiori, and more! Includes a special tool for easily making the holes of the beads, sculpting accessories, faux pearl spacer beads, and two colors of elastic cording to string your finished pieces. Step-by-step instructions give crafters confidence to express themselves with custom creations.

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Klutz® Manga Art Class

This next-level watercolour kit teaches the traditional art skills of Japan’s most influential manga styles with a beginner-friendly instruction book jam-packed with manga and anime-style art. An introductory primer guides artists of all skill levels through interactive lessons. Have your characters jump off the page!

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Klutz® STEAM Lab: Ultimate Gemstone & Dig Kit

A fully illustrated book includes a field guide to the included rocks, plus tons of fun facts and non-fiction content. Gem lovers will also learn about birthstones, 12 of which are included in your starter collection. Use the included chisel and hammer to break out the gem-shaped dig kit to discover a bonus specimen!

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Klutz® Kids Cooking: Tasty Recipes with Step-by-Step Photos

This classic collection of parent-approved meals includes a rainbow whisk and the perfect mix of tried-and-true recipes (like French Toast with Strawberry Butter) and totally modern flavours (like the Aloha Sushi Burrito). All 30 recipes include step-by-step photos so that young chefs can follow along and learn basic kitchen skills.

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